Essential Ski Trip Gear: Our Guide To Perfect Packing

It’s no secret that skiing and snowboarding require a lot of equipment and clothing. With this in mind, you need to consider what to bring with you on a ski trip. If you forget something, you can often buy a replacement locally, but packing too much makes navigating Geneva airport with heavy suitcases more tricky. Therefore, we’ve compiled a guide to essential ski trip gear, so you have everything you need for a winter holiday in the French Alps.

Pack The Right Clothing

essential ski trip gear - Skier in a red jacket

Base Layers

We’ll kick off our essential ski trip gear guide with base layers, which are essential for comfort and warmth. Invest in merino wool or synthetic fibres for thermal underwear. Regulate your body temperature effectively on the mountain. Remember, the right base layer is the foundation for a cosy day on the slopes and can make the difference between staying out all day or heading back to your chalet early.

Mid Layers

Your mid-layer can include hoodies, down jackets, or technical layers; it all depends on how easily you feel the cold and the temperature. It’s best to keep an eye on the weather report so you can layer accordingly. If your layering strategy isn’t working, ski resort shops offer various options, allowing you to mix and match until you find the perfect combo for warmth and flexibility.

Outer Layer

Wearing waterproof, breathable, and windproof jackets and pants is essential. Tailor your choice to your skiing style and desired comfort level. Your outer layer is your shield against the elements—make it count. Look for outer layers with vents, high waterproofing and breathability ratings for the best results.

Proper Gloves

Ensure dry, warm hands with quality ski gloves; cheap gloves will get wet and freeze your digits quickly. For snowboarders, opt for tougher, waterproof gloves specifically made for snowboarding, as your hands are in the snow more. Consider packing an extra pair for resort evenings or impromptu snowball fights with the kids.

Ski Socks

essential Ski trip gear - socks by the fire

You can never have enough socks, but it’s best to prioritise technical ski socks for optimal comfort. Avoid woollen hiking socks as these will rub and cause blisters that have the potential to ruin your whole mountain experience. Your socks are your direct connection to the skis—make sure they’re up to the job.

Neck Gaiter or Balaclava

The biting Alpine wind can be brutal, so it’s best to shield your face with a versatile neck gaiter, balaclava, or buff. Essential for sudden weather changes and provides an extra layer of protection against the sun.

Clothing For The Evenings

Pack warm clothes for post-skiing activities. The temperatures drop dramatically, especially after sunset. Unfortunately, ski jackets have a tendency to vanish from bars, along with lift passes and valuables in the pockets. Therefore, it’s best to play it safe with an additional, less expensive jacket for nighttime outings.

Don’t forget, if you book your airport transfer with us, we can provide you with a taxi service to make getting around the resort easier.

Appropriate Footwear For All Occasions

essential Ski trip gear - snow boots

Navigate snowy resorts with confidence in snow boots. High heels and tennis shoes won’t cut it on slippery streets; you want to avoid having cold, wet feet all night. Your choice of footwear can make or break your après-ski experience, so choose something sensible.

Looking After Yourself

essential Ski trip gear - ski goggles

Eye Protection

Prioritise sunglasses or goggles for weather, ice, and snow protection. Sunglasses are lightweight, while goggles provide more coverage and are more secure. Carefully consider the lenses, too, as different colours are designed for different conditions. For example, amber lenses are ideal for low-light and whiteout days, while dark lenses are best for sunny days.


Safety first—always ski or snowboard with a helmet. While some might opt to rent, having your own helmet ensures a snug fit, and you know someone hasn’t dropped it, damaging the internal protection.

Sun Protection

When skiing on a sunny day, the UV light is more intense as it bounces off the snow. Protecting your skin with ample sun cream and lip balm is essential. In addition to this, it guards you against the dreaded goggle tan and panda eyes. Pro tip: reapply throughout the day for continuous protection.

Optional Items For Your Suitcase

Portable Boot Dryer

Keep ski boots dry with a portable dryer. Establish a routine—plug them in overnight and during breakfast for consistently toasty toes. Your feet will be much happier in warm and dry boots than in cold and soggy ones.

Ski And Snowboard Equipment

Bring your own ski or snowboard equipment with you; we have plenty of space in your transfer vehicles. Alternatively, you can rent your equipment in the resort, but we recommend booking it in advance to ensure you get what you want and are satisfied.

Ski Lock

Occasionally, ski and snowboard equipment goes missing from outside bars and restaurants. People accidentally take the wrong skis all the time, and there are, unfortunately, a few thieves around. However, mishaps and potential theft can be avoided by using a combination lock. Alternatively, a cheap bike lock can serve the purpose if it fits through your bindings.

Hand and Toe Warmers

Combat sub-zero temperatures with hand and toe warmers. Especially useful for those not accustomed to the cold or prone to chilly hands and feet. You can get these cheaply online before your trip, but they are readily available in ski shops.

Camera Equipment

Capture memories with a camera or GoPro, but remember the mounts for the best results. Documenting your trip creates lasting memories, allows you to show off, and capture epic fails for the biggest laughs.

Final Thoughts On Essential Ski Trip Gear

Packing efficiently minimises the load, and it leaves ample space for souvenirs and new ski clothing you find in the resort. Most essentials are available at ski resorts, easing worries about forgotten items.

Remember, the right gear enhances every turn, jump, and breathtaking view.

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