Summer Activities In Morzine

Morzine is an incredible mountain playground with a seemingly endless list of things to do. So, with this in mind, we thought we’d put together a list of the best summer activities in Morzine. This will give you the opportunity to plan your summer holiday to Morzine to make the most out of your stay.

1. Swimming In The Pool

Summer Activities In Morzine -Swimming pool

You can’t miss the aquatic centre in Morzine. This huge swimming complex sits at the bottom of the valley and is visible from the suspension bridge. Just walk or take the lift down from street level to the Parc des Dereches to enter the pool area.

The aquatic centre boasts a 50x21m Olympic-sized pool, heated to a comfortable 27°C, offering stunning views as you perfect your breaststroke. For the little ones, there’s a teaching pool, an extra kiddies pool, and a toddler pool with small slides. If you’re in the mood for some outdoor fun, head to the beach volleyball court or the grass recreation area. And when hunger strikes, the PIKNIK restaurant is the perfect spot for a leisurely lunch.

Alternatively, you may prefer the 25x15m indoor pool (heated to 27°C), which is accompanied by another kiddie’s teaching pool (heated to 28,5°C) and baby paddling pool (heated to 31°C). There’s also an excellent wellness centre with a steam room and sauna.

Prices: Adult – €6.20, Child – €4.70 or FREE with a Multi-Pass.

2. Treetop Adventures And Ziplines

Summer Activities In Morzine -Treetop adventure

One of the most fun summer activities in Morzine for kids lies high up in the trees. There are two treetop assault courses; the first is in the Parc Des Dereches run by Indiana Aventures, and can be found just down the river from the swimming complex.

Anyone above 2 years old can enjoy navigating through the high branches using ziplines, ropes, and platforms. Indiana Aventures provides all the equipment, and safety is a priority.

Prices: €11 – €23 depending on age and package (10% discount with the Multi Pass) 

The other treetop assault course is located at Nyon and is better suited to more adventurous kids and adults. Here, Cascade Adventures has created three different courses to choose from, and one of the zip lines gives you the best view of the waterfall as you whizz past it.

Prices: €10 – €25 depending on age and package

3. Using The Ski Lifts

Summer In Morzine - Hikers

Just because the snow has melted, it doesn’t mean you can’t get up the mountains the easy way. Several ski lifts still operate throughout summer, making exploring the mountains and valleys more manageable. You can even take the lifts all the way to Switzerland. Riding the lifts is an excellent way to find epic picnic spots and new hiking routes.

You can ride the lifts at a discounted price when you buy the Multi-Pass.

4. Fantasticable

The Fantasticable is located at the top of the Chaux Fleuris chairlift. It is a zipline that takes you across the valley towards Chatel, making it one of the most thrilling summer activities in Morzine. Zipliners are securely strapped into the harness and then launched at high speed, giving them the sensation of flying.

Prices: €42 per person or €82 for a tandem ride. (10% discount with the Multi Pass)

 5. White Water Rafting

Frogs Rafting is one of the premier providers of summer activities in Morzine. Their whitewater rafting excursions are suitable for kids over 8 and offer thrilling rides down the River Dranse or Giffre. Each boat can take up to 6 people through rapids and gorges. Your guide will tailor your experience depending on your group by finding exciting or more tranquil routes down the river. You can expect optional cliff jumps and swimming spots to add variety to your white water rafting experience.

6. Lac Montriond

Summer In Morzine - paddleboarding on lake montriond

One of the most popular summer activities in Morzine is a visit to Lac Montriond. This stunning lake is the venue for various things to do and is a great place to relax. You can hire standup paddle boards and kayaks at the lake or take your own if you have them. There’s also plenty of space for chilling out on the banks after a scenic swim.

The lake has several options for food, too. You can expect some great restaurants, but there are some communal barbeques that are free to use if you fancy cooking your own lunch.

7. Mountain Biking

Summer Activities In Morzine -Mountain biking

Mountain biking is huge in Morzine thanks to its world-class trails. But it pays to know what to expect if you’ve never ridden here.

Mountain Biking With Small Children

Families with small children are better off riding around the Parc Des Dereches. The paths are wide and flat, making riding easy and safe. You can explore the valley by following the river upstream through the forest.

Riding In The Mountains

It would be best to head to the green runs on the Super Morzine side of the valley first. These trails are the tamest and feature small berms and easy jumps. Look for trails called ‘Soylent Green’ and ‘Les Alpages.’

However, we recommend booking a coach or a guide for your first Morzine mountain bike experience. RideAbilityand MorzineskiMTB are excellent at showing new and experienced mountain bikers how to make the most of the trails.

For bike hire, we recommend Torico for adult mountain bikes.  IntersportPleney Sports, Star Ski, and Bike Academy also have a good selection of kids’ bikes. 

Final Thoughts On Summer Activities In Morzine

Of course, there are many more summer activities in Morzine, but we believe these are the must-do ones during your stay. These will keep you busy for a week, but you can easily fill two weeks with the activities on offer. You may also want to explore further by taking advantage of our away days.

If you’re planning on visiting Morzine this summer, contact us for reliable transfers to and from the airport.